Stonesolidserratus Playlist by Stonecold1399 on Grooveshark Now, to lift or not to lift. Stupid question.

Now, to lift or not to lift. Stupid question.

The name is Michael. 18 years of age. Weightlifter, track athlete, and fitness enthusiast. Lets get fit and have some fun doing it!

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Animals With Unusual Fur Markings [bp]

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@tayla0214 is getting pretty good at being sneaky and basing my percentages off higher numbers without me knowing. Definitely not complaining since it seems to work! Did 4x4 at 215lb. #surprise #squats #bootywork #iwant300 #uproar #getlow #weightlifting #crossfit

Okay so this just happened on my dashboard and I personally think this is exactly his kind of humour 




Crouching tiger

Looks like he’s about to do a push up

one last rep







wake up america

this is to educate my non-American followers. This really is how the US sees itself. (and yes, 95% of the time, Florida = WHAT?!)

In Florida the more North you go, the more “South” you get 

In Florida the central part pretends to be the south, the western part pretends to be the northeast and the south pretends to be the west I’m not even fucking kidding you 

… Please tell me you guys are kidding.  

Florida is like it’s own country I swear

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Peter  Molnar


50 Cent in Malefiftycent [x]

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"You’re 6’4", 240-pound Marine, and you’re injured, and you need a Marine next to you to carry you back to safety, and the Marine next to you is a 5’4" woman who weighs 115 pounds,"

No problem.

in before “well most women can’t do that” because NEWS FLASH most men can’t either, that’s why it’s a highly specialized career that requires a lot of devoted training

One of my former coworkers was a very slim girl only a tad taller than me, and she was training to be a fireman, and she could lift the biggest dude on my crew like this who was around 6’5 and super bulky.One time she picked him up and ran around the crew room with him for about 5 minutes before letting him down.

Even though I haven’t exercised in over a year—if you count DDR—and I’m incredibly petite (5’0”, 100 lbs), I can carry most guys. If they’re under 200 lbs, I can run with them on my back for 5 blocks, but I can walk for a mile. Once they’re about 250, I can only walk about a block or two before my spine feels like it’s about to break. If I were in a survival situation and their life depended on it, I could go on much further, until my legs gave out.
It’s why I hate the bullshit that women are inherently weak. Nah, man. Nah.

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